If you experienced a problem with a specific ride, you may wish to file a formal service complaint. All formal complaints are investigated.

To file a formal complaint, customers can contact the Customer Service Manager at (508) 999-5211 ext: 3309 or by email at

Any person, who believes his/her ADA rights have been violated, please contact Maritza Aquino, ADA Coordinator at 508 997-6767 x 3309

The complaint form can be downloaded here:

• Rider’s name, address, and telephone number
• Date and time of the incident
• Bus number, route and direction
• Details of the incident

SRTA is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its riders. Anonymous service complaints, however, will be investigated but will not receive response.

When a customer submits a complaint by email or by calling the SRTA Customer Service Manager the complaint will be submitted to our contractor (SCTM) for further investigation.

The contractor (SCTM) will review, investigate, and respond within 5 business days of receiving the complaint and provide any supplementary information to determine the validity of the complaint. Complaints related to ADA, security, or those of which are considered severe will receive additional review by SRTA. Feedback from SCTM or SRTA will be provided to the individual and they will have the opportunity to discuss any service changes or scheduling arrangements made in response to the incident.