SRTA Comprehensive Service Assessment (CSA)

Have you noticed?

SRTA has been working hard to address YOUR needs. In less than two years, SRTA has introduced the following changes:
  • Eliminated the zone fare system and implemented a free transfer
  • Introduced the Charlie Card and discount passes, including a monthly pass that lasts 31 days from date of first use, rather than expiring at the end of the calendar month
  • Implemented Holiday bus service
  • Lengthened service on 9 fixed routes to 9:00PM
  • Expanded evening and Sunday demand response service
  • Built a new Fall River Bus Terminal
  • Created new route maps and schedule information
  • Launched a new webpage

SRTA is now reviewing existing bus routes as part of a Comprehensive Service Assessment (CSA)
to identify areas for improvement. The goal is service that works for the customer.

Steps in the Comprehensive Service Assessment (CSA):

  1. Look at the characteristics of the population and employment in the region
    and determine how well the service meets the demand for transit.
  2. Evaluate the performance of the bus routes and the system as a whole.
  3. Gather input from transit riders, the general public and interested parties.
  4. Develop guidelines for how service should be designed—i.e. frequency or
    defining how late routes should run.
  5. Evaluate and rank different service scenarios to improve how well the bus
    service meets the needs of the area.

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FINAL SRTA Comprehensive Service Assessment – PDF
FINAL SRTA Comprehensive Service Assessment – WORD (accessible)


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