Submit Questions/Topics of Discussion to the Advisory Board


DATE: March 26, 2014

RE: Process for placing topics for discussion at the SRTA Advisory Board meetings

In an effort to serve you better, Southeastern Regional Transit Authority is implementing the following process, effective immediately:

On occasion, the public may wish to bring an issue to the SRTA Advisory Board’s attention for investigation and discussion. Questions or topics should be submitted to the Authority at least one week prior to a published board meeting date in order to be placed on the agenda, under Public Comment. This will allow the Authority time to post the question or topic and develop a response.

Requests must be in writing and sent to the address below, or via email to

700 Pleasant St, Ste 530
New Bedford, MA 02740

Information on Advisory Board meeting dates can be found on SRTA’s website,

As always, general questions, comments or concerns may be submitted using the customer service hotline, (508) 997-6767 x 3309.

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Notice to Public – Submit Questions or Topics to the Board – ENG

AVISO AO PÚBLICO – Processo de apresentar temas para discussão nas reuniões do SRTA Advisory Board

NOTICIA AL PUBLICO – Procedimiento de anuciar temas de debate en el consejo de reuniones SRTA.