Public Meetings and Hearings

  • Notice of Public Hearing – May 1 & May 2, 2024

    Public Hearings

    Fall River

    May 1, 2024
    3 PM
    Fall River Terminal

    New Bedford

    May 2, 2024
    3 PM
    New Bedford Public Library Main Branch- Third Floor

    SRTA is seeking comments on proposed service changes in Fall River, fare free service, and Sunday service.

    Proposed Service Changes

    Route 104 – Robeson St

    The change proposed is minor and intended to straighten the alignment of the Route 104 by eliminating service on President Ave, Ray St, and Stanley St. with the route alignment instead remaining on Robeson St. This change is paired with a service change proposal for Route 108 – BCC that will realign the route from New Boston Road to President Ave, maintaining service to the Truesdale Clinic. Cardinal Mederios Towers will be accessible via a short (approximately 300 ft) walk to Robeson St.

    Route 104 – Robeson St Proposed Changes

    Route 108 – BCC

    The proposed change for Route 108 realigns service from New Boston Road to President Ave between Elsbree St and Hanover St. The proposed change is paired with the proposal for Route 104 – Robeson St to maintain service to the Truesdale Clinic.

    Route 108 – BCC Proposed Service Change

    Route 105 – Stafford Rd

    There are three proposed changes to Route 105: eliminate service to Tiverton Casino and relocate service from the interior of the Seabra Market plaza to Stafford Road. The Tiverton Casino service was extended when the casino opened in 2018. Service was limited to two trips intended to coincide with shift change times for casino workers. The stop generates very little ridership, and adds two minutes to the inbound travel time. The service is proposed for elimination.

    The second proposal is to relocate service from the interior and storefront stop at the Seabra Market on Stafford Rd to a roadside stop on Stafford Rd. The plaza is served in both directions and increases travel times for the route. The distance from the road to the storefront is less than three-hundred feet and is accessible via sidewalks.

    The third proposal relocates the outbound alignment to Hartwell St and Plymouth Ave. The current alignment of the outbound direction on Fourth St and the inbound direction on Plymouth Ave is suboptimal since the preference is for both directions of travel to share a common alignment where possible. Realigning the outbound alignment to Plymouth Ave will place both route directions on the same corridor for as much of the route as possible.

    Route 105 – Stafford Rd Proposed Service Change

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