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SRTA COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Why has service been changed to Saturday for all days?

Beginning in late February, ridership began declining daily.  Since then, we have seen the steepest decline in ridership in SRTA history, a trend that is common among transit authorities across Massachusetts and the USA.  Saturday service is less frequent and operates a shorter day than weekday service and requires fewer drivers to report to work daily.  With fewer people riding and fewer drivers needed to operate, we are able to keep the system running if drivers are unable to report to work because of family care needs or due to a personal illness.

Is Demand Response operating?

Yes, Demand Response is operating and is currently booking trips as normal.  We have suspended fare collection to eliminate a major touch point that all customers touch.  Please know, that our hours of operation have been shortened due to operating a Saturday schedule, so you may not be able to book trips at the same times available as a normal weekday.  Our booking agents will do their best to accommodate your trip time to the best of their ability.

When will service return to normal operations?

At this time, we do not know.  We are taking guidance from state and federal officials regarding the spread of COVID-19.  We will return to normal operations when we are confident that the threat of spreading COVID-19 is minimized to the fullest extent possible.

What measures are being taken to keep passengers safe?

We are taking the safety of our passengers seriously.  Our buses are sanitized nightly after service and we are also sanitizing high touchpoints during the day at our terminals during layovers.  We are sanitizing the touch points in our terminals regularly.  We have suspended fare collection to eliminate a major touch point that all customers touch.

What measures are being taken to keep drivers safe?

We value the dedication and commitment our drivers are making to keep the system running and their safety is very important to us.  To keep drivers safe, we have reduced service to limit the number of drivers interacting with the public daily.  We have implemented rear door boarding for vehicles with two doors to keep a safe distance between passengers and drivers, and have reserved the wheelchair securement seats for only when a mobility device needs to be boarded through the front doors..  We have suspended fare collection to limit contact between drivers and passengers.

Where can I find up-to-date information about service?

The SRTA website is your best resource to stay up-to-date on changes to service due to COVID-19.  We are keeping our social media feeds updated daily and encourage you to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay informed.  You can call our office line at 508-997-6767 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM) and someone will be available to answer your questions.