Due to winter storm conditions, several SRTA routes are operating on detours. This list will be updated periodically as road conditions change throughout the day.

Fall River Routes

Route 2 – North Main: Outbound & Inbound

No service to Holmes Apartments or Stop & Shop Distribution Center. Service will remain on North Main St.

Route 4 – Robeson Street: Outbound & Inbound

No service on Ray St, Stanley St, or Dexter St. Service will remain on Robeson St.

Route 5 – Stafford Road: Outbound & Inbound

No service on 4th St, Warren St, or Lapham St. Service will remain on Plymouth Ave.

Route 7 – Bay Street: Outbound

No service to Battleship Cove.

Route 9 – Bedford St.: Outbound & Inbound

No service on Locust St. Service detoured to Bedford St. No Service on Father DeValles Blvd.

Route 14 – Swansea: Outbound

No service on Brayton Point Rd to Lees River Ave. Service remains on Route 6 to Target.

New Bedford Routes

Route 9X – Intercity Express

No service from either New Bedford or Fall River after 12:15 PM

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