South Coast Rail Service Plan – Microtransit Implementation Plan

With South Coast Rail due to open within the next year, SRTA must adapt their system to ensure that a robust transit connection exists between SRTA and commuter rail service. This connection will ensure that residents of the Fall River and New Bedford areas have broader access to the region without needing to rely on a car. While this new connection is important, it cannot come at the expense of current SRTA service.

To make the connection for transit riders to the new South Coast Rail (SCR) stations, SRTA is considering microtransit as a solution. Microtransit is on-demand, shared ride, public transportation service that operates within a defined area or zone. Microtransit software allows users (riders) to request a ride, track vehicle movements in real time, and pay fares. Riders can request trips through smartphone apps, computer or via a call center. Transportation providers use microtransit software to efficiently dispatch vehicles “on demand.”