Fall River Bus Service Evaluation – Proposed Route and Scheduled Changes

Project Status

SRTA began by conducting a market and route analysis to understand the demand and need for transit service in Fall River and review existing service, ridership, and service performance. With this understanding, SRTA conducted public outreach to determine what was most important to riders. This included an online survey as well as in-person events at bus stops throughout Fall River in October. Findings from this outreach can be found here: Fall River Bus Service Evaluation – Public Engagement: Round 1

With the information gained from the first round of analysis and public engagement, SRTA developed initial proposals for route and schedule changes, which are now being brought to the public for review. 

Proposed Route and Schedule Changes

The proposed Fall River network consists of adjusting existing transit routes based on the route design principles and the needs of transit riders:​ 

  • Providing direct and simple service by eliminating large loops, reducing the number of turns, and operating most routes on major roads. ​ 
  • Improving route efficiency by discontinuing service in areas with very limited or no ridership ​ 
  • Improving neighborhood connectivity by providing more options along major travel corridors and at important destinations. 

The first map shows the system as it is today, and the second map shows potential route changes. Two options are shown for the Industrial Park area. 

Current System Map
Potential Route Changes

Schedule Changes 

Based on rider feedback and ridership trends, two options for new bus schedules are proposed below. Option 1 is focused on expanding the hours of operation, and Option 2 focuses more on improving how often the bus comes. 

Option 1: Buses operate service earlier in the morning and later in the evening on weekdays and on Saturdays, while keeping frequencies similar to existing service. 

Option 2: Buses operate more frequently and reduce wait times, while service spans are similar to existing service.  

Tell us what you think! 

Once you review the proposals, let SRTA know what you think! Use the form below to say what you like and dislike about the routes and the schedules. Please be as specific as possible.