REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS: Transit Technology Study, Solicitation, and Implementation Services


SRTA is seeking statements of qualifications (SOQs) from qualified firms (Proposers) to provide technical assistance for transit management technologies on an as-needed basis.   The contract shall be for a period of three years with one one-year option to renew at the sole discretion of SRTA.  The payment and performance obligation for each succeeding year of the contract will be subject to appropriation and other available funds.  SRTA will request a fixed fee proposal for each task that it undertakes under this contract.

The Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) is a regional transit authority established pursuant to MGL c. 161B that is prohibited from directly operating service. SouthCoast Transit Management, Inc. (SCTM) is a private transit management company, under contract with SRTA to operate the fixed-route service using facilities and equipment provided by SRTA, which includes the SRTA bus terminals. As such, SCTM will play a key role in coordinating the services.

The performance of this contract is subject to the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all equal employment opportunity requirements. SRTA’s goals for DBE participation shall be 1.37% percent of funds expended in U.S. Department of Transportation assisted contracts. Disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) are encouraged to respond to this solicitation notice.

This procurement is being financed in part with funds from the U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The resulting contract is subject to certain terms and conditions contained in the grant agreement between SRTA and FTA and the SRTA Standard Terms and Conditions to the extent that they are applicable. 

Further information can be obtained from Procurement, Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, 700 Pleasant Street Suite 530, New Bedford, MA 02740, Phone: 508-997-6767 or by e-mail to


Task 1 – Updates to SRTA’s Technology Strategy (Fixed Fee)

The Consultant Team in conjunction with the SRTA Team will develop a list of capital projects that capture the organizational objectives of the Transit Technology Study, Solicitation, and Implementation Services Project.

Project Objectives:

  • Analyze the existing SRTA system with respect to its ITS equipment, technologies, and potential to improve.
  • Review current technologies widely used in the transit industry.
  • Consider up-front capital and installation costs, as well as the long-term operations and maintenance requirements (resources and skills) in the decision-making process.
  • Consider the applicability of current technologies to the SRTA’s fixed route fleet, paratransit fleet, and operations.
  • Carefully analyze the operational needs, costs, benefits, and risks of system functions and features in order to make educated decisions about the value of specific technological upgrades to SRTA.
  • Considering funding availability, time required for procurement and installation, and ability to meet the needs of the public transit system and integrate with existing and planned future systems, including ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
  • Minimize disruptions to SRTA’s existing services and operational functions during the design, procurement, implementation, and testing of upgraded technology.
  • Minimize implementation risk to SRTA through the maximum use of proven, off-the-shelf hardware and software components.

Task 2 – Technical Assistance with Vendor Selection and Technology Implementation (on-call/task order)

Using the prioritized list of capital projects identified in Task 1, the Consultant Team will be responsible for developing technical specifications that will ensure that a wide range of vendors can competitively respond to prospective RFP’s that will be released by SRTA.  For each procurement, the Consultant Team will work closely with SRTA to conduct a sound procurement process, beginning with a pre-proposal meeting, and concluding with vendor selection and contract negotiation.  The Consultant Team will ensure that the SRTA Evaluation Committee has the information that they need to select the most appropriate vendor.

Task 3 – Installation/Implementation Support (on-call/task order)

The Consultant Team will assist the SRTA Team with several project management services, including:

  • Assist SRTA in conducting/documenting regularly scheduled conference calls with selected vendor;
  • Review and provide feedback on Action Item List (AIL) submitted and maintained by selected vendor;
  • Identify feedback and decisions required by SRTA, and in each case, the date by which SRTA needs to provide the feedback to make the decision;
  • Update and maintain the master Requirements Matrix (RM), which will provide traceability throughout the development, design and deployment process;
  • Review and provide feedback on monthly System Implementation Plan (SIP) updates submitted by selected vendor;
  • Review of all vendor required documentation;
  • On-site installation inspection, and testing support throughout all testing phases


Release SolicitationJune 18, 2021
Inquiries and Requests for ClarificationJuly 9, 2021 by 4 PM
Response to Inquiries and Requests for ClarificationJuly 14, 2021
Qualification SubmittalJuly 23, 2021 by 2 PM
Short List Team InterviewAugust 2-4, 2021
Notice of Intent to AwardAugust 6, 2021