SRTA Request for Qualifications for On-Call Technical Planning Assistance


The Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) is seeking statements of qualifications (SOQs) from qualified firms (Proposers) to provide Technical Planning Assistance on an as needed basis.  The contract shall be for a period of three years with two one-year option to renew at the sole discretion of the SRTA.  The payment and performance obligation for each succeeding year of the contract will be subject to appropriation and other available funds. The SRTA will request a fixed fee for each task that it undertakes under this contract.

The SRTA is a regional transit authority established pursuant to MGL c. 161B that is prohibited from directly operating service. SouthCoast Transit Management, Inc. (SCTM) is a private transit management company, under contract with the SRTA to operate both the fixed-route and paratransit services using facilities and equipment provided by the SRTA, which includes the SRTA bus terminals. As such, SCTM will play a key role in coordinating the On-Call Technical Planning Assistance Services

The performance of this contract is subject to the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all equal employment opportunity requirements. The SRTA’s overall goals for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation are 1.37% of funds expended in U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) assisted contracts, however, no separate goal has been established for this procurement. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) are encouraged to respond to this solicitation notice.

This procurement is being financed in part with funds from the U. S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The resulting contract is subject to certain terms and conditions contained in the grant agreement between the SRTA and FTA and the SRTA Standard Terms and Conditions to the extent that they are applicable.  The Standard Terms and Conditions and required certifications are attached.



The SRTA seeks to solicit proposals from qualified firms to provide on-call multi-disciplinary fixed route and demand response service planning; operational data analysis; and public outreach and customer engagement services. 

The on-call contract is for a three-year period with two one-year term options. Work will be performed as needed on an individual work order basis. The list of anticipated projects is included as a demonstration of need; projects are subject to be modified, eliminated, or added to the list as planning needs change during the contract period. Projects will be initiated on an on-call basis and performed with a project specific scope of work.


  • Provide technical assistance for fixed route and demand response service analysis;
  • Provide technical assistance for Title VI analysis for major service changes and fare changes;
  • Provide assistance with public outreach and public engagement for service changes and fare changes;
  • Provide assistance with customer service surveys, customer outreach, and customer engagement;
  • Provide assistance with bus stop site evaluations;
  • Provide assistance with on-board passenger counts;
  • Provide assistance with grant applications as needed;
  • Provide Spanish and Portuguese document translation and in-person interpretation for public engagement events;
  • Conduct special studies.

Anticipated Tasks

  • Title VI Program Update;
  • South Coast Rail Station Service Plan;
  • Small Area/Corridor Service Plan;
  • Schedule optimization;
  • Bus Stop Design Guideline and Stop Plan;
  • Print and digital schedule design and updates;
  • Annual public engagement forums;
  • Customer demographic, economic, and travel pattern surveys.

Key Action Dates

Release SolicitationApril 1, 2021
Inquiries and Requests for ClarificationApril 16, 2021
Response to Inquiries and Requests for ClarificationApril 23, 2021
Qualification Submittal April 30, 2021
Short List Team InterviewMay 10-14, 2021
Notice of AwardMay 28, 2021
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