Service is delayed on Thursday, December 17, 20202 until 7:30 AM due to weather conditions. All routes are operating on a Weekday Schedule serving all scheduled stops unless otherwise noted below.

This post will be updated throughout the day if road conditions change that make routes unsafe for travel. Please refresh your browser to ensure the most up-to-date information.

Fall River

Route 1 Inbound: No service between South Main St and Broad St. Service is detoured to Walnut St.

Route 2: No service to Shaws or Four Winds. No service to Holmes Apartments; route will remain on North Main Street. No service to Stop & Shop Distribution Center.

Route 4: No service on Stanley St. Service remains on Robeson St.

Route 5: No service to Seabra Market, service remains on Stafford St.

Route 8: No service to BCC. No inbound service on Linden St., service will remain on Robeson St.

New Bedford

Route 2: No service to Whaler’s Cove.

Route 4: No service to Tabor Mills.

Route 6: No outbound service on Potter St between Hathaway Blvd and Rockdale Ave. Service is detoured to Hathaway Ave to Parker St and to Rockdale Ave.