Many routes are experiencing delays due to the snow storm. All routes will continue to operate on a Weekday schedule unless otherwise noted. Several routes are detoured.

Fall River

Route 1 – South Main

No service on Broad St. Service detoured to Walnut St to Shove St.

Route 2 – North Main

No service to Four Winds

Route 14 – Swansea

No service on Slades Ferry Blvd or Riverside Ave. Service will remain on Route 6.

New Bedford

Route 1 – Fort Rodman & Route 5 – South Central

No service on Spring St. Service detoured to Union St.

Route 6 – Shawmut

No service on Potter St between Hathaway Blvd and Rockdale Ave. Outbound service detoured to Hathaway Blvd.

Route 9 – Intercity & Route 10 – Dartmouth Mall

Service detoured to Faunce Corner Road entrance.

Updated 2021-01-26 17:32