Public survey released as part of 5-Year Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan (CRTP) Update

The SRTA is currently updating the 5-year CRTP and is seeking input from the public. Comments and input from riders are vital in this process. The SRTA is interested in gathering feedback from visitors to the area who use the service, as well. As a public transit authority since operations begin in 1974, the SRTA is dedicated to ensuring service is provided to everyone in a safe and efficient manner.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and day-to-day life changes, previously planned public outreach events have been cancelled. The survey includes questions about your current experience using SRTA services and questions to help guide possible future service. The SRTA is committed to maintaining open lines of communication and encourages public participation. Using your feedback, the SRTA will review existing services and operations and identify ways to make travel with them even better!

A mobile-friendly public survey has been developed and posted on the SRTA website (, Facebook page (@SRTAbus) and Twitter account (@SRTAbus). The survey is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

SRTA remains committed to providing the safest and most valuable public transportation to southeastern Massachusetts and is taking this time to continue to review current services and operations. If you currently use SRTA services or have used them in the past, please take the time to fill out the survey, also available here: