Service Change Public Hearing – June 1, 2023

A Public Hearing is scheduled

June 1, 2023 at 12 PM
SRTA Fall River Terminal

SRTA is seeking public comment on proposed changes to Fall River routes. We encourage you to provide comments in-person at the hearing, however if you are unable to attend we will accept comments in a variety of formats.

All comments received before the hearing date will be included in the public record for the service change and will be considered with the same weight as in-person comments.

When submitting a comment, please include your full name, city/town of residence, and specify which proposal or proposals you are commenting on.

Comments will be accepted through June 1, 2023 in the following formats:

  • Email:
  • Postal Mail:
    • SRTA – Fall River Service Changes
      700 Pleasant St
      Suite 530
      New Bedford, MA 02740
  • Voicemail: 508-296-4583
  • Text: 508-296-4583

Proposed Changes

Route 1 – South Main Street

The proposed outbound and inbound alignment shifts service from Broadway and Middle St to South Main St. The outbound alignment will remain on South Main St rather than turn west on Middle St and south on Broadway as the current alignment does. The inbound alignment will remain on South Main St rather than traveling north on Broadway and east on Middle St.

Route 2 – North Main Street

The proposed changes will simplify the routing and eliminate low-ridership deviations to Holmes Apartments and Stop & Shop Distribution Center. The route will serve the Fall River Industrial Park in a one-way directional loop that will follow the same alignment throughout the day. There are two proposed outbound patterns: the first will follow the current outbound alignment serve the Fall River Industrial Park and Amazon warehouse and end at Four Winds Apartments, the current terminus for the route; the second will follow this same alignment however it will serve Commerce Drive before turning on to Airport Road. The first alignment is 9.83 miles, the second is 11.11 miles.

There is one inbound pattern proposed. Beginning at Four Winds Apartments, the alignment follows the current inbound alignment with no deviations. The proposed inbound alignment is 6.10 miles.

No changes are proposed to the span of service or the frequency of service for either weekday or Saturday service.

Route 6 – Pleasant Street

The proposal for the FR6 is a complete elimination of service.

Route 7 – Bay Street

Eliminates service from Battleship Cove and realigns the route from the segment of Bay St between Broadway and Middle St. The proposed alignment remains on Broadway, turns onto Middle St, and then returns to the existing alignment.

Route 9 – Bedford Street

The FR9 proposed change will shorten both the outbound and inbound patterns, better align travel in both directions, and eliminate low performing route segments. The proposed outbound and inbound pattern eliminates the segment of the route on Oak Grove Ave, Locust St and Eastern Ave north of Bedford St; also eliminated is the segment serving Father DeValles Blvd. The proposed outbound pattern will follow the current pattern but remain on Bedford St to the intersection with Eastern Ave where it will resume the current pattern. The outbound pattern will terminate at the intersection of County St and Pleasant St. The proposed outbound pattern is 2.75 miles long.

The inbound pattern will begin at the intersection of County St and Pleasant St, travel west on Pleasant St to Eastern Ave, travel north on Eastern Ave to Bedford St, and travel west on Bedford St to rejoin the current alignment. The proposed inbound pattern is 2.76 miles long. The span of service and frequency of service will not change with this proposal.

Route 10 – Rodman Street

The change proposed for the FR10 shortens the route by eliminating service south of Brayton Ave. Additionally, the change on the FR10 is paired with the elimination of the FR6 so as a mitigating measure for the reduction in service to Wal-Mart with that change, the FR10 proposal increases service frequency from the current sixty-minute to thirty-minute headways.

The proposed route alignment follows the current route alignment to Brayton Ave. Instead of continuing south on Rodman St the outbound pattern turns east on Brayton Ave then turns north on Jefferson St to resume the current alignment. The proposed outbound pattern is 2.21 miles, a reduction of 1 mile from the current alignment. The inbound pattern follows the current alignment to Brayton Ave at which point it will reverse the outbound pattern. The proposed inbound pattern is 3.47 miles, a reduction of 1 mile from the current alignment.